about Kaninchen

Skaraventer Project

Kaninchen” is the nickname of humans used as experimental animals in the Nazi Concentration Camps. New staging of the show “Day 177”, created in 2008 by Lucia Falco and Marcello Serafino after a road trip between Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg and Dachau, Kaninchen is freely inspired to the biography of Johan George Elser, the man who tried to kill Adolf Hitler with a selfmade bomb.
Kaninchen is a journey through the different dimensions of the theater space, dragging in its unforeseeable dance the ghosts of his appearances.  By staging the false in front of the truth, the art of live performance and the truth of the theatrical action, the show develops itself as a work of nerves, a balancing game, in a space where there is no respite for the body. This body that runs and digs, crunches and floats, emerges and jumps, crawls and implores, explores and dares. Elser invites…

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