About Us



  1. Producing of new drama theater shows and performances
  2. Researching and experimentation in the performing arts field, with particular attention paid to the body language
  3. Conception and organization of theatrical events in local, national and international contexts
  4. Development of artistic projects with international partners and participation in cultural exchanges
  5. Realization of artistic actions focused to the involvement of local people
  6. Enhancement of the home territory through a permanent theater workshop for adults


T.I.R. TeatrInRivolta is the theater troupe founded by stage director Lucia Falco in 2002, with headquarters in the Susa Valley, a few steps from the border with France. A frontier land, bordered on three sides by remarkable mountains. The artistic and human dimension in which we create our performances is the same land where the armies of Hannibal and Charlemagne passed, on the same paths crossed for centuries by courageous travelers, and near the waters where the wolves comes at night.

Living on the edge of our country, but being at the same time at the crossroads of ancient roads, perpetually used: not just a question of maps, boundaries and meetings, but also a way of thinking and acting. For this reason, our shows and performances are “border creatures”, talking about extreme realities and occupying a dimension suspended between the concepts of “center” (in human key) and “margin” (in a social perspective).

In recent years we have produced theatre works talking about political boundaries (with our show “Monbijou”), social boundaries (with “Voci d’Asfalto”), dogmatic boundaries (with “Giordano Bruno”), prison boundaries (with “Io amavo la pioggia”), psychological boundaries (with “Hamlet Motel”), everyday boundaries (with “Accadueò”), and many others types of boundaries, both near and far, both physical and inner. Because sky has no frontiers.


T.I.R. TeatrInRivolta has produced 16 performances in 13 years, bringing its work and its projects in several Italian cities and in 6 foreign countries (France, Croatia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Tunisia). In parallel, the association directed by Lucia Falco has organized three international theater festivals (in Morocco, Algeria and Italy) and one theater season, “La Città dell’Uomo”, held for 6 editions in the city of Rivoli (Turin). Member of the “Anna Lindt Foundation”, T.I.R. TeatrInRivolta Association has always been involved in the intercultural dialogue policies between Mediterranean countries and has collaborated with different associations operating in France and Maghreb. At European level, the troupe directed by Lucia Falco has joined in 2015 the Project Erasmus Plus, participating as leading partner in one international theatre-meeting open to Italians, French and Tunisians students, in Quintin (north-west France)

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