Berlin, 9th november 1989. This is the beginning. With the name of a town, a date and an alarm clock ringing. Even the sun was separated that morning, cut off by the wall in Monbijou Platz. In both two parts of the square peaple wake up, bodies starts their daily rituals.

On the western side, brother and sister leave their house and separate them: gum gestures and clown’s face for him, mechanical gestures and aseptic glance for her. The man that survives as street entertainer, the woman that goes on working in a fast food. Not much money, forced to live together, two loneliness inside a small flat. 
On the east side, a woman is walking on a roof, envoleped in her raincoat and in her thoughts, she has a twenty meters precipice in front of her and a crazy desire to jump down; an angel, invisible and incorporeal, stops her immediately before the jump, giving her a love letter never mailed, written by a man run away over the wall.

Monbijou develops from these premeses, following and reconstructing its protagonists stories, paralleling them, extracting them from quotidian and putting them in the exceptionality of an historical, fundamental day: the day when the wall fell down. Four actors and a street entertainer (real) give life to 5 personages deeply different one from the other, whose souls are brought on the scene through the power of the gesture, without the need of words.

Project, scene setting and direction by Lucia Falco – Suggestions assistance by Marcello Serafino – With: Giovanna Ducco, Lucia Falco, Jurij Longhi, Maresa Pagura e Marcello Serafino – Archives Material Research by Lucia Falco and Marcello Serafino – Light Engineers: Luca Baraldo and Federico Ghironi – Sound Engineer: Federico Ghironi


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